10 / 08 / 2023

3 hose connection types

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3 hose connection types

SZR crimping system

Venair offers its range of sanitary tubes with any type of 316L stainless steel connections crimped at the ends.

The connection by means of a pressing system (SZR system) is the most recommended for any flexible hose, as it guarantees the correct pressure resistance of the final assembly, avoiding the retention area that appears in any sanitary connection. Our flexible hoses with connections can be certified according to Sanitary Regulation 3A 62-02 for assemblies.



Finishing quality

The maximum roughness of the inner surface of our SZR* fittings is 0.8µm but can be improved to 0.375µm Electropolished, upon request.

The manufacturing batch number is indicated on each assembly, ensuring the total traceability of the product. It is also possible to mark a laser QR code on the ferrule, which allows immediate access to any information related to the product (technical data sheet, certificates, instructions for use, etc.).

All the fittings are manufactured in a single block, without welds, and the connections at 45º or 90º are made by orbital welding.


Available fittings

Any connection, however special it may be, can be crimped to our product:

DIN-11851, SMS, Tri-Clamp, DIN-11864, Gas, RJT, Camlock, Flanges ...

We have the most standard connections and dimensions in stock for immediate assembly.


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