19 / 09 / 2023

The Pursuit of Ultra High Purity in PEM and electrolyzers

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The Pursuit of Ultra High Purity in PEM and electrolyzers


Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and electrolyzers have emerged as key technologies in the quest for cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. The efficiency and performance of these systems heavily rely on the impeccable cleanliness and purity of their components. Ensuring minimal particle contamination is crucial for the longevity and reliability of PEM systems.


This article sheds light on the paramount significance of cleanliness in PEM technology, with a focus on Venair—a pioneering company in the engineering and manufacturing of hoses for PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers.


The Importance of Cleanliness in PEM Technology

In the realm of PEM technology, cleanliness is not just a desirable attribute; it's an absolute necessity. Even the tiniest particles can have detrimental effects on the operation of fuel cells and electrolyzers.



These particles can disrupt the flow of reactants, block channels, and catalytic sites, ultimately leading to reduced efficiency, decreased performance, and premature degradation of the system. As PEM systems operate with high precision and sensitivity, even minor contamination can have profound consequences.


Venair's Expertise and Background

Venair, a distinguished company with a rich history in the biopharmaceutical industry since the early 2000s. Renowned for its stringent purity standards and expertise in high-purity production, Venair has now expanded its focus to the realm of PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers. Leveraging its extensive experience in producing hoses, tubings, and pipings for biotech applications, Venair has seamlessly transitioned its know-how to engineer hoses and tubes tailored for PEM technologies.


The Pursuit of Ultra High Purity

What sets Venair apart is its commitment to impeccable purity at every stage of production. Drawing on its experience in biopharma, Venair has integrated high-purity tools, facilities, and production processes into its operations.

The company has strategically established excellence centers where specific contamination controls are implemented. This ensures that the production environment remains pristine, minimizing the risk of particle introduction.



Innovative Production Processes

Venair's groundbreaking approach involves reshaping traditional silicone hose production methods. Beyond the standard measures of cleanliness, the company employs specialized vulcanization and curing processes that effectively "burn" particles, rendering the final products even cleaner. Furthermore, the meticulous inclusion of not one, but two cleaning processes during and after production highlights Venair's unwavering commitment to minimizing particle presence.


Preventive Measures for Ultimate Cleanliness

A pivotal aspect of Venair's strategy is the integration of preventive measures. The company adopts a pharma-grade production process across all stages—envisioning, molding, tooling, and curing. This proactive approach tackles potential contamination at its roots, ensuring that impurities are kept at bay from the very beginning.


Striving for Excellence: ISO 16232 Standard

Venair's dedication to cleanliness and purity is epitomized by its adherence to the ISO 16232 standard. This meticulous standard governs the control of impurities in the production process, reinforcing Venair's commitment to delivering components of unparalleled purity and quality.


Manufacturing Facilities for Clean Excellence

Venair operates two cutting-edge manufacturing plants dedicated to producing hoses for fuel cells. The first plant, located in Vietnam, has been restructured to encompass the stringent cleanliness standards of both pharma and PEM industries. The second, a newly established factory in Almansa, Spain, underscores Venair's unwavering commitment to the high purity requirements of fuel cells and electrolyzers in the PEM domain.





Cleanliness is not just a preference—it's a prerequisite in the world of PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers. Venair's remarkable journey from the biopharmaceutical industry to PEM technology showcases its dedication to producing high-purity hoses and tubes that contribute to the impeccable performance of fuel cells and electrolyzers. With an unyielding focus on preventive measures, innovative production processes, and adherence to rigorous purity standards, Venair is at the forefront of ensuring the utmost cleanliness in the pursuit of cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.


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